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Preston Monongye-Hopi/Mission :Preston Monongye specialized in every silverworking technique particularly in combinations of castwork,0verlay, and wrought work.Spouse was Ida Mae Lee, son is Jessie Monongye. Preston Monongye is now deceased.

Phil Sekaquaptewa- Hopi :Phil Sekaquaptewa specializes in silver and gold overlay and special commission work. Son of Wayne Sekaquaptewa who is deceased.

Johny Mike Begay-Navajo : Johny Mike Begay worked for Dean Kirk,John Kennedy,and the White Hogan. Johny Mike Begay is now deceased.

Tom Curtis- Navajo :Tom Curtis specializes in heavy gage stamped work.

Lee Yazzie-Navajo :Lee Yazzie was smith for Joe Tanner and collaborated with Preston Monongyeat one time.

Jack Adakai-Navajo :Jack Adakai is best known for squash blossoms and concha belts. Son-in-Law is John Hornbeck, Spouse is Minnie Adakai. Jack Adakai is now deceased.

Horace Iule-Zuni :specialized in channel inlay and cast work. Produced from 1925 untill his death in th late 1970s.

Elliot Qualo-Zuni : Elliot Qualo specialized in raised mosaic inlay in shell.Produced from 1960 untill his death in the late 1970s. Son of Myra Qualo.

Silas Ohmsatte-Zuni : Silas Ohmsatte ia a specialist in raised mosaic. Spouse is Berdie Ohmsatte.

Boyd Tsosie-Navajo : Boyd Tsosie is a Silversmith/Lapidarist, specializes in fashion jewelry. Prefers to work in gold over silver, learned the craft from Kenneth Begay at Many Farms Navajo Community College cica 1960.


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