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Paramount Ranch 12-1-57
 Harley working on the Williams
1953 J2X Allard
Frank Monise in a Lotus 11
Drivers meeting Dick Betley talking to Frank
Working on a bank of Webbers Jacks' 300 SL Gull Wing
Frank Monise in the Lotus 11
Corvette pits
300 SL
Aston Martin DB 3S
D Jaguar
Drivers Meeting Paramount Ranch
A  D Jag comes through
Duffy Livingston in the "Eliminator"
Action in turn 2
Ken Miles in a Porsche spider leads
Dick Betley leads in an MG Special
A Triumph TR3 comes through
A Lotus 5 has the line comming out of turn 5
Duffy in the "Eliminator" will pull everything on the uphill grade
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